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Do I need to go Australia to write the exam?

What is the passing score for KAPS?

To clear KAPS exam an applicant have to score 50% in both the papers.

What is the passing % if we take training from Bioplannet?

In our current batch we got 95% result in KAPS exam.

What all subjects are covered in KAPS?

KAPS includes 2 papers having 2 subjects in each i.e. Therapeutics, Pharmacology, Chemistry, Pharmaceutics.

What is the validity for the Exam.

Once you clear KAPS exam, the results will be valid for 2 yrs.

Till How long I will be in the internship?

After two months of internship anytime if your are confident to write the exam you can apply for it or else internship can be continued for 2 yrs.

Will I be earning during the internship?

Yes. During internship and working as Pharmacy Technician you will be earning around 2900$ to 3900$.

How about the exam after internship?

After internship there will be Oral and Written exam which totally depends on the internship. Clearing this exam you can apply for final registration.

Can we take our family at the time of internship?

Yes. You can take your dependents with you at the time of internship through dependent VISA.

How long it takes to go for the internship?

Once you get KAPS result it takes 3-4 months from then to go for the internship in Australia.

Do we have PEBC Exam Centers in India?

Experience is mandatory to write PEBC?

No. Fresher are eligible to apply for PEBC exam. The minimum eligibility to write PEBC is Bachelor in Pharmacy.

What is the PEBC exam pattern?

PEBC is an MCQ exam and there will be 300 MCQs i.e. Multiple Choice Questions.

What is the passing score for PEBC?

You have to score minimum 60% to clear PEBC exam.

Do we need to write qualifying exam before internship?

It depends on the province you are applying in Canada. In some of the province internship is prior to qualifying exam and in other provinces internship is after qualifying exam.

Is it easy to get PR in Canada?

Yes. Now with the help of express entry you can easily get Permanent Resident (PR) for Canada in lesser time provided you meet the required 65 points.

Is there any restriction to work in any province of Canada?

No. In fact at the time of registering in PRA you can select the province according to your choice.

What is qualifying exam all about?

Qualifying exam totally depends on an individual’s practical experience. Qualifying exam has 2 parts one is MCQ and the other part is OSCE (Objective structured clinical examination).

How long does it take for the overall procedure?

Once you start and clear all exams in one attempt, within a year you can get registered in Pharmacy Council of Canada.

What is minimum IELTS Score required?

In IELTS you need to score 7 bands in each domain as well as in aggregate to apply for Canada.

How many years of experience is required to work in UK?

What is the basic eligibility to start working in UK?

Being an MBBS gradudate if you are planning to work in UK there are few requirements:

  • You should be registered in home country before applying for UK.
  • You need to clear PLAB Exam
  • You have to get registered in GMC (general medical council)

Where I can write PLAB Exam?

PLAB Exam has two parts out of which PLAB-1 can be written in India and PLAB-2 can only be written in Uk in Manchester.

With what Visa I can go to write PLAB-2?

In Visiting Visa one can go to Manchester to write PLAB-2.

What is the pattern for PLAB Exam?

PLAB-1: This is an MCQ Exam
PLAB-2: This has OSCE (Objective structured clinical examination)

How long does it takes to complete the procedure?

If you clear the exam in one attempt, it takes around 9 months to start working in UK.

If you clear the exam in one attempt, it takes around 9 months to start working in UK.

Yes. If any specialist wants to follow PLAB route instead of direct registration with GMC they can write PLAB Exam.

Initially how much I can expect to earn as a General Practitioner?

Once you start working as General Practitioner you will be earning around 3,00,000 to 5,00,000 in INR excluding LOCUM (overtime earning).

Is there is vacancy for Doctors in UK?

Yes there is huge vacancy for Doctors in Uk due to Brixit and according to the stats there is more demand for fresher in UK as the most of the Doctors are at the stage of retiring.

What is required IELTS Score for UK?

In IELTS you should score minimum 7 bands in each domain and 7.5 in aggregate.

I have completed my MD how can I apply to work in UK without writing any exam?

How does GMC verification takes place?

At the time of GMC verification they just verify the list of documents based on some domains like knowledge skills and performance, safety and equivalence, maintaining trust etc. Once verification is done you can proceed for the final registration with GMC.

how long does the procedure takes?

It takes 6-9 months for complete procedure.

Do you give any assurance for GMC registration?

Yes. You submit all the required documents valid and on time from your side, so we take the complete responsibility for your GMC registration.

What will be my initial earning as a specialist in UK?

in start you can earn around 5,00,000 to 7,00,000/month In INR.

In which VISA I will be going to UK?

You will go in Tire 2 Visa.

What is the role of Royal College In GMC Registration?

When we apply for verification, first Royal College verifies all the documents and then GMC takes care for further processing.

After getting registered in GMC will we get permanent registration directly?

No. After registering in GMC you get provisional registration.

When we will be applicable for permanent registration?

After completing the one year of working in UK you will get permanent registration in GMC and will be certified as CESR.

Is there any other way to apply in GMC?

Yes there are three routes to apply for GMC registration:

  • Through CCT program
  • Writing PLAB Exam
  • Direct applying in GMC

I have completed my MD how can I apply for Ireland?

After completing my masters in specialist, do I need to write any exam if I am planning to work in Ireland?

No. You don’t have to write any exam. You can directly apply for IMC registration. Only in the rare case if they are not fully satisfied you might have to give one assessment.

Is IELTS mandatory or we can write OET?

IELTS is not mandatory you can even write OET.

What is the required Score in OET or IELTS?

In IELTS you need to score 7 bands and on OET B grade.

After registration with GST will I get permanent registration or just provisional registration?

Once you are registered in IMC you will get permanent registration. There is no provisional registration.

Is there demand for Doctors in Ireland?

Yes. Currently Doctors profession is there in the skill shortage list of Ireland.

Will you help us to get us the job?

Yes. Once the registration procedure is completed 100% we will assist you to get the job in your profile.

After placement how much time it takes to get PR?

After getting placed within a year you can get PR for Ireland.

After IMC registration in what Visa I will be going in Ireland?

You will go in work permit to Ireland.

What is minimum IELTS Score required?Can I take my family with me to Ireland?

Yes. You can take your family as well in dependents VISA.

I am a MBBS fresher. How can I apply for Ireland?

I had plan to go to UK and wrote my PLAB Exam but now planning for Ireland so, what will be the next step?

As you have already wrote your PLAB exam you can proceed for OSCE and than final registration with IMC.

What is the validity for PLAB results?

PLAB results are valid for 2 yrs.

I heard that exams are very difficult and even the syllabus are different is it so?

No. Exams are not at all difficult if you have prepared well and the syllabus for exam is same as MBBS Syllabus.

What is OSCE all about?

OSCE is next exam after PLAB 1. OSCE is totally based in the practical knowledge where your practical skill will be examined like history taking and all.

Is it true that after USMLE exam also we can proceed for Ireland?

Yes it is true. After writing USMLE part 1 exam you can write OSCE and proceed for Ireland.

Is there provisional registration initially?

No. Once you register in IMC will be your permanent registration.

Where we can take up OSCE exam?

OSCE is conducted only in Ireland in Dublin. So applicant have to go to Ireland to appear the exam.

How you help us to prepare for the exam?

We help to prepare for the exam while providing Study materials, K Plan Videos and an android mobile application having around 10,000 MCQ’s which came in earlier exam.

How we will get job in Ireland after registration?

We will definitely assist you for the job. And as your profession ia already in the skilled shortage list you can easily get the job.

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