Oman Prometric Exam

Oman prometric examOman Prometric Exam

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About Oman Medical Specialty Board (OMSB)

The OMSB was built up by the Royal Decree No. 31/2006, issued April 2, 2006. The OMSB is an autonomous body entrusted with defining legitimate norms and criteria for rehearsing and building up the health professions. The Board goes for overhauling professional performance, developing skills that improve scientific literature and appropriately apply learning in the different fields of health specialties. Its main goal is to set exclusive expectations for post or post-graduate medical education, which will constantly enhance the standards and the quality of healthcare in Oman prometric

Bioplannet has its full focus mainly on the gulf countries like dubai, abu dhabi, saudi arabia, oman, qatar etc. and western countries like australia, canada, europe, newzealand etc. Each country has different healthcare licensing exam such as dha license exam for dubai, haad license exam for abu dhabi, moh license exam for uae, qatar prometric license exam for qatar, saudi prometric license exam/ saudi licensing examination for saudi etc. It offers eye-catching services, which any medical professional can make use of in order to clear the exams of different medical fields. It has different prometric coaching centers in india to provide quality training to the candidates/clients.  It also come up with various other specialities such as gynaecologist, pediatrician, radiologist, orthopedic, general surgeon, ophthalmology, anesthesiologist, radio diagnosis, cardiologist, radiotherapist, family medicine, endo dontist, ortho dontist, peri dontist, prostho dontist, practitioner etc. As mentioned before that oman holds oman prometric license exam, this consultant conducts this exam for different medical professions such as oman prometric exam for doctors, oman prometric exam for pharmacist, oman prometric exam for dentist, oman prometric exam for nurse, oman prometric exam for physiotherapist, oman prometric exam for mlt’s, oman prometric exam for radiographers etc. It also gives the assurity of dataflow and mcqs for the various medical professions mentioned before. It makes the complete procedure easier for any professional to settle in abroad. For further assistance, one can log on to site or connect through facebook, twitter and linkedin.

Oman Prometric Exam Registraion Center offers a confirmation for 22 medical specialty exams by means of Internet right now, which incorporate Obstetrics and Gynecology, General Surgery, Anesthesia, Cosmetic Surgery, Neurosurgery, Emergency Medicine, Ophthalmology and numerous others. OMSB is likewise trying to include more examinations for the other therapeutic specialties, so it will mean 70 exams,”

The prometric testing center considers possibility to take PC based OMSB exams. Giving OMSB testing, which is additionally offered at prometric test center around the world, is in arrangement with the Ministry’s objectives for having exceptionally qualified forte therapeutic frameworks in the Sultanate’s clinics and health centers.

Oman Prometric Exam Type:

Written Exam: The Prometric written exam will be conducted in international testing centers, question type will be 2 hours (70 MCQs),  few other exams have 2.5 hours (100 MCQs)

Oral Exam: Oral exam will be for physician completed under specialty titles.

All the decision regarding Oral examination will be decided by OMSB Authorities only


No Prescribed Syllabus

Exam Fees

OMSB announced that the oman prometric exam registraion for computer based licensure examination has been opened through prometric site website

– 175 USD for Technicians and Technologists – 195 USD for Physicians

Exam Venue

Hyderabad, Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Cochin and all major prometric centers in india.

Passing Score

To pass the Oman Prometric exam, you must achieve a minimum overall pass mark of 60%.

You are allowed only three attempts to appear for exam

Exam Validity

The Oman Prometric Exam is Valid only for One Year

Oman prometric exam for Medical Specialist

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