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Mar 20, 2019

Dentist Job in South Africa

Indians have been settling down in South Africa for decades now. With a lot of attraction owed to the culture, history and mainly the beauty of nature that the land has to provide. South Africa has a lot to offer in terms of career growth and benefits for Dentist along with a solid salary package.
However, becoming a registered Dentist and settling down in the South Africa can prove to be tricky. Read on to find out more about Dentists jobs in South Africa and the procedures to become a general practitioner or a dental specialist.

Step 1: Apply for Endorsement Letter from the Department of Health
Step 2: Pass IELTS – 6 BANDS
Step 3: Credential Verification
Step 4: Apply for Written Examination
Step 5: Apply for Practical Examination on completion of Written Exam
Step 6: Apply for License on successful completion of Examinations

Know about Licensure Exams
The MDPB or Medical & Dental Professions Board with the HPCSA – Health Professions Council of South Africa have decided to change the format of Licensure exam testing for Dentists and hence cancelled examinations in the year 2017. The testing has been changed to 2 parts, 1st Written test and the 2nd Practical test. Further details of the exams are yet to be decided by the Council and will subsequently be updated on our website.

Know about the specialists
Paediatric Dentist:
A Paediatric Dentist deals particularly with the oral health care of children, from infancy through the teenage years.

Endodontists have undergone specialized training in performing root canal therapy.

Orthodontists are specially trained dentists who specialize in the development, prevention, and correction of irregularities of the teeth, bite, and jaws.

Periodontists are responsible for the care and prevention of gum-related diseases and dental implants.

A Prosthodontist has undergone additional training and certification in the restoration and replacement of broken teeth with crowns, bridges, or removable prosthetics (dentures).

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon:
Oral and maxillofacial surgeons are actually orthopaedic facial surgeons responsible for treating a wide variety of dental problems — including the removal of impacted teeth and reconstructive facial surgery.

Dentist jobs are in high demand in South Africa due to the constant rise of patients and South Africa becoming a destination for Medical Tourism. The ASSA (Association of Surgeons of South Africa) have projected the number of citizens on chronic medication by the year 2025 to be 8.8 million.

We, at Bioplannet, will assist you with all your queries regarding dentist jobs in South Africa. Listed below are the services which we provide to Dentists who wants to register or settle as a General practitioner or a Specialist in South Africa.

Endorsement Letter from the Department of Health
Credential verification
Coaching for IELTS
Registration for HPCSA/MDPB exam
Study materials/ Mobile application for HPCSAMDPB exam
Visa and PR assistance
Job assistance

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