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Mar 23, 2019

USMLE For Doctors And Specialists In The USA


If you’re an Indian and are looking to work as a Doctor or a Specialist in the US, your search stops here.

Bioplannet is a top-notch company that provides coaching and placement for Medical Professionals looking for jobs abroad. We are here to help with the facilitationof procedures involved in getting Doctor jobs in USA or Specialist jobs in USA.

Read further for a guide on the licensure examination, verification and registration process, which will give you a clear understanding of the procedure at hand to find the perfect Doctor jobs in USA and make it your dream destination for work.




To land Doctor jobs in USA the USMLE is one little giant to take down. The USMLE exam is a testing system setup to gauge a physician’s aptness in the application of their knowledge, concepts, principles and patient care skills. With a 3 step exam (2 parts in Step2) and passing one Step leading to the eligibility for the next and high scores to pass, the USMLE is known to be a considerably tough exam to crack.

Step1 assesses Basic Medical Science and Basic Medical Knowledge with 350 MCQs tested within7 hours.

Step2 CK – Clinical Knowledge – Assesses preparedness to handle clinical problems with 370 MCQs in 8 hours and Step2 CS – Clinical Skills – Practical test that assesses a candidate’s interpersonal, communication and clinical skills with 12 simulated patients giving 15 minutes per patient & 10 minutes for making clinical notes. Scoring is based on: Integrated Clinical Encounter (ICE); Communication/Interpersonal skill (CIS)&Spoken English proficience (SEP) and failing any one means failing all.

Step3 assesses a candidate’s patient management skills with 480 MCQs and 9 computerized clinical case simulations. The exam duration is 16 hours which is split into 2 days.

As a USMLE coaching center we have strived to really make little of the giant. We’ve put together all of the best study materials available so you walk in and out of that examination hall with absolute confidence, that and a highly competitive price. You can choose to purchase the materials for a particular Step or opt for the whole package.

The study materials and the question bank are created to complement each other with references and in depth explanation to each question. The highly recommended lecture videos from Kaplan are from the best of professors and professional in the health care field. All the material provided have been thoughtfully put together to help you come through with flying colours. And we finally state to you that we have a 100% pass percentage from all our applicants.




ECFMG or Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates & the NBME or National Board of Medical Examiners are the bodies that oversees the registration and licensure for MD grads in USA.

STEP 1 – Confirm Eligibility with ECFMG

STEP 2 – Get USMLE/ECFMG Identification Number

STEP 3 – Complete USMLE Step1 & Step2 (CK) in India

STEP 4 – Complete USMLE Step2 (CS) in the US

STEP 5 – Start Residency in the US (3-7 years*)

STEP 6 – Complete USMLE Step3 on completion of Residency

STEP 7 – Apply from License with the State Medical Board

*16 States Medical Boards allow candidates to take the USMLE Step3 before starting Residency




STEP1 – Tests are conducted in the month January and November. This test is held at centres in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Ahmadabad and Allahabad.

STEP2 CK – Conducted in January. This test is held at centres in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Ahmadabad and Allahabad.

STEP2 CS – Conducted in January. This test is to taken in the US (Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles and Philadelphia)




  • VISA and Immigration processing
  • TOEFLexam (optional)
  • Study materials for USMLE Step 1, 2CK & 2CS & 3
  • App with 80 Kaplan video lectures
  • Question Bank with 10,000+ questions
  • Placement Service




There is an increasing demand for Doctors in the US due to the increase of, and aging of population. There currently is a prerequisite of nearly 90,000 Doctors which is a 13% rise by the end of 2026.

Salary of $ 4,000 p.m. as a Resident

Salary of $ 25,000 p.m. as a General Physician

Salary of $30,000 p.m. as a Specialist

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