Pharmacist Registration In South Africa

Pharmacy Registration In South Africa

As in most countries, the practice of a profession in South Africa requires confirmation of a suitable level of education and practical familiarity. The identification of qualifications in most health-related professions is the task of a registration authority established by government statute. If you want to go for pharmacist registration in south africa and pharmacist vacancys in south africa then registration with the South African Pharmacy Council is registration in south africa, south african pharmacy council registration, professional exam for pharmacist, south africa immigration process.The tradition of pharmacy by unregistered persons is punishable by law.


  • Advise other healthcare professionals, containing doctors and nurses, on how to choose medicines and use them accurately
  • Ensure that new medicines are safe to use with other prescription
  • Advise on dosage and recommend the most relevant form of medication such as the tablet, injection, ointment or inhaler
  • Make sure that patients use their medicines harmlessly
  • Provide knowledge to patients on how to get the maximum benefit from the medicines they are prescribed
  • Advice on the most efficient treatments for a particular condition including those for sale without the prescription
  • Help patients manage long-term conditions
  • Recommend changes to prescriptions and give advice on prescribing
  • provide knowledge about potential side effects
  • Monitor the consequences of treatment to ensure that it is safe and effectivePharmacist Salary: Average Pharmacist salary: R 516 758 per year.Medicines are the substantial current treatments offered to NHS patients. A pharmacist is an authority in medicines and their performance. Their knowledge of medicines and the impression they have on the human body is demanding for the successful administration of every type of medical position.
pharamcist registration in south africa

South African Pharmacy Council: SAPC

pharmacy registration in south africa

The Professional Examination

The Examination is divided into two sections:

  1. Competence and the Exit Level Outcomes for the Bachelor of Pharmacy qualification.
  2. Professional pharmacy subject areas covered by the Professional Examination.

The Professional Examination is an applied examination intended to evaluate the ability of the candidate to apply pharmaceutical knowledge in the practice environment.

Examination Design

The Professional Examination consists of four examination papers, namely:

  1. Applied pharmaceutics and pharmaceutical chemistry
  2. Applied pharmacology and toxicology
  3. Laws pertaining to pharmacy practice
  4. Applied professional pharmacy practice and pharmacy administration.

In some subjects, past examination papers are available from Council. In addition to the above examinations, a pre-registration valuation is necessary to provide evidence of the competency of the candidate in terms of the Exit Level Outcomes. The Professional Examination is conducted for pharmacist registration in south africa twice a year at venues determined by South Africa Council.


Candidates who wish to write the Professional Examination for pharmacist vacancys ought to submit the prescribed examination fees for each examination to Council in full at least one month prior to the examination. All fees are subject to annual review and thus, subject to change without prior notice. pharmacist registration in south africa and All relevant documentation required by Council, as well as all fees payable must reach Council before a candidate will be permitted to sit for the examination. All applications to sit the Professional Examination are presented to the Examination and Adjudicating Committee of Council for prior approval

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South African Pharmacy Council Registration

Immigration and Visa

Temporary Residence Visa
The objectives of the Immigration Act, 2002 (Act No 13 of 2002), which was implemented on 7 April 2003, include:

Facilitating and simplifying the issuance of impermanent residence visas and permanent residence permits.

Promoting financial growth by facilitating foreign investment and attract exceptionally skilled and qualified foreigners to South Africa.Promoting tourism to South Africa.

Critical Skills work visa

From time to time the Minister of Home Affairs publishes a Critical Skills list in a Government Gazette. Earlier to submitting an application for a Critical Skills Work Visa, the candidate is required to have his or her foreign qualification(s) translated by a sworn translator into one of the official languages of the Republic and to have such qualification(s) evaluated by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA). The aspirant is also required to acquire written confirmation(s) from a professional body, council or board recognised by SAQA or any relevant government department confirming the skills or credentials of the applicant and suitable post qualification experience. In the event that any law in South Africa requires of you to be competently pharmacist registration in south africa in order to practice your profession, your application must contain proof of an application made for a certificate of registration with the professional body, council or board recognised by SAQA

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